Monday, July 13, 2009

Coffee Shop Madness Part 2

Being a resident of the greater Modiin area I am lucky that I don’t need to travel so far just to get good meal. And when it comes to coffee shops like any sizable city Modiin has plenty. My favorite is Kapulski. Located on Emek Haella in the Shimsoni section of town, Kapluski is a large and airy restaurant with seating inside and out, which is really nice when you have a small children including a stroller.

The Menu options range from an assortment of salads, sandwiches, to pasta and fish dishes, reasonably priced but by no means cheap. Because we are always looking toward the waistline when ordering my husband had the Kapluski salad that was baby greens with grilled salmon, mushrooms and seeds. It was great salmon was cooked well and the salad was fresh with a light dressing on the side.

I had the stir fry which was unfortunately exactly what I expected good bt kinda greasy with limp veggies. My daughter upon entering the restaurant told me she wanted pasta with cream sauce, which was delicious but what isn’t good with a ton of butter, cream, and cheese.

Although I didn’t eat any my family said the cake was great and I really enjoyed the coffee. Overall Kapulski is a solid restaurant with consistently good food and locations around the country. I love the one in Modiin most of all because its across the street from a huge park which my kids love.

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  1. Gotta love it when your 3 year old asks for "pasta and cream sauce" sophisticated!