Monday, July 6, 2009

Coffee Shop Madness Part 1

Happy Fourth of July, well belated fourth of July because I live in Israel where there is no fourth of July. But BBqing is a national sport here, therefore, I have decided to feature different coffee shops for the month of July. Why? Because when I go out I find the healthiest options at a coffee shop. Take last Thursday afternoon when shopping at the shuk in Jerusalem. I realized I was sooo hungry.

Now the shuk is a great place for food, hummus, falafel, sawarma, and meurav (soo yummy) but all of those come with a hefty caloric punch. So I turned to aroma, relatively new at the shuk and I figured well I can get a salad. I was a little surprised they had so few salads, but we (husband and daughters) ordered the house salad and the low calorie sandwich. I always appreciate it when they post the calories. The Salad was good, loved the green beans, but plain and the sandwich could have used some fresh vegg action not just the flame roasted. The meal was decent and reasonably priced. And that’s how I feel about Aroma in general its decent.

In its defense the location was a pleasant place to sit down and watch the hustle and bustle of the shuk. I walked away knowing I didn’t have the best meal at the shuk although I did feel good that I had made the right decision calorie wise.

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